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Osteopathy training courses are elite education and professional growth.


Russian Higher School of Osteopathic Medicine (RHSOM) is the first in Russia educational institution on osteopathy. It was opened in 1994. Skilled professor team and regular improvement of training programs in conformity with international and national educational standards allow students to gain the real elite education in osteopathy field with guarantee.

For more than 20 years of activities, RHSOM has graduated 20 batches of osteopath doctors. More than a thousand of specialists were trained who presently work in various regions of Russia: Far East, Siberia, Urals, Yakutia, Volga region, Kazakhstan, Krasnodar, North-West etc. and in other countries, in particular, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus and Canada.

Russian Higher School of Osteopathic Medicine is internationally acknowledged. RHSOM is a permanent organizer of international symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” in Saint-Petersburg.

School instructors perform continuous exchange of experience in scientific researches and in training methods of osteopathy at different international symposiums, the latest of them was held in Canada, in June, 2016.
The follow-up XI international symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” will be held in June, 2017.

The Higher School was accredited with the Ministry of the higher education of Russia in 2002 and it is the basis of SPbSMU named acad. I. P. Pavlov for raining of specialists on osteopathy and conducts an elective course “Osteopathy in curing practice” for students at the University since 2003.

All the graduates get diploma on re-training on osteopathy, as well as manual therapy with assigned form and certificate of specialist. Since 2000, Russian Higher School of Osteopathic Medicine cooperates with Montreal school of osteopathic education (Canada) that allows to get the diploma of Montreal school of osteopathic education with right to practice in Canada.

RHSOM invites foreign specialists on different directions of osteopathy. The leading specialists for methods and information seminars are famous world-class osteopaths: Paul Shoffur, J-P Barral (France), F. Druel, R. Russ, S. Sundler (UK, Britishshole), R. Brian, M, Mussa-Dangro (France). They share with experience and participate in scientific researches conducted by RHSOM.

RHSOM performs a new enrollment of doctors for three-year course of osteopathy training!

Higher School offers the doctors to take a training course with the skilled osteopath-specialists and get a prospective profession in medicine – osteopath-doctor.

1. Start of induction seminar and contacts:





St. Petershurg

2 Oct 2017

Gavanskaya st. 4/2

Ph: 8(812)331-09-08
Fax: 8(812)331-09-08


7 Oct 2017

Odesskaya st. 48

Ph: 8(938)424-24-07, 


9 Oct 2017

Lublinskaya ul, b. 151, Marino business-center

Ph: 8(495) 545-73-10
Fax: 8 (499) 722-29-67

Nijniy Novgorod

16 Oct 2017

Voljskaya emb. 8 P1

Ph: 8(812)331-09-08, 


9 Jan 2018

Narynskaya 27 office 901

Ph: 8 

E-mail (for all regions):  5457310@mail.ru

2. Training program:


Cranial, Structural, Visceral osteopathy, Maieutics and Paediatry in osteopathy


Functional anatomy, pathophysiology, radiology, neurology, neurophysiology, orthoperics – traumatology. 

More details on training program you may find here

Instructors on osteopathy and instructors on fundamental and applied sciences with a high professional level teach at RHSOM, seven of them have academic degrees.
Instructors / watch video

3. Documents issued to graduates

All the doctors who want to study osteopathy are interested with legal status of osteopath, i.e. legalization of work.

Documents, issued by the School, are accepted to licensing at the entire territory of Russia and abroad.

  • Diploma of assigned form on professional re-training on osteopathy and manual therapy;
  • Certificate of osteopath-doctor, as well as manual therapist of assigned form;
  • Diploma on assignment degree “Doctor of osteopathy”, signed by the members of international commission in English;
  • Certificate of assigned form on re-training on osteopathy and manual therapy and medical massage with osteopathic methods.
  • Diploma of Montreal School of osteopathic education (Canada) (it is issued if diploma qualification at Montreal school of osteopathy).

More details on issued documents you may find at this page.

4. Stipendium

Best students get personal stipendium named by the osteopathy founder – Andrew Taylor Still

5.Scientific prospective and professional growth

International center of scientific researches “Fundamental osteopathy” is available with higher School. Interested students and graduates of School make diploma works, thesis works both candidate and doctorate in the Center, as well as to publish works both in domestic and international editions.

6.Job placement

 School gives recommendations on job placement to all graduates. All the graduates got job positions throughout the School operation.

7. Submission rules

To enroll for RHSOM to study as per programs of additional professional training, one needs:

  1. Write the statement (download the statement blank)
  2. Fill up the application form (download application form)
  3. Attach xerox copies of higher or secondary medical education diploma, certificate on re-training for the last 5 years and two photos 3х4 cm to above-indicated documents
  4. Documents may be sent via e-mail or by fax or through this form.



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    Enrolment to a group is carried out upon the receipt of documents for training. Foreign specialists are allowed to apply for enrolment. 

    Wait for you at lectures at Russian Higher School of Osteopathic Medicine!


    Professional training to osteopathy

    Osteopathy is a drug-free method for curing the organism. Essentially, this is a complex of curing methods allowing to perform effective treatment of spine, joints, internal organs by means of effect of hands. This allows to eliminate infringements in the system of bands and muscles as well as in cases of neurological illness, in pediatrics and at various illnesses of internal organs. Just like any kind of treatments, some specific contraindications exist when applying this kind of curing. That’s why at ignorant use of osteopathy, some damage may happen to the patient’s health. We offer you to get all necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills at 3-year osteopathy courses at affordable price. During the training, you will study the diagnostics methods, osteopathic correction of dysfunctions in skeleton-muscle system, nervous system, internal organs. Lecture materials are given at high level due to professional instructors and scientific-theoretical facilities of the School, acknowledged as he best in Russia. Practical lessons allow to try all the methods completely. You can study in all details the methods of osteopathy, training is conducted by high-professional and practicing specialists who have deep knowledge in the area.

    Private educational institution of the higher professional education “LAW INSTITUTE” offers the qualification re-training courses for medical staff “Legal basis for activities of medical institutions”. Program of the seminar see at web-site lawinst-spb.ru


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