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I greet everybody who opened this page. An interest to osteopathy progressively increases in physicians and scientists involved in problems of physiology and also in applied disciplines, especially in neurology, pediatrics, orthopaedics, since efficiency of osteopathic impact on human body is obvious. You will be convinced when you visit all pages of our Website.

Promotion of health of our population is a primary goal of native health care system.
Our osteopathic school, the first school in Russia is involved in postgraduate physicians’ education on osteopathy. 25 lecturers work in the RSOM. The School is annually attended by more than 100 students.
I wish all students if medical institutes and to practicing physicians to get to know this amazing, cheerful and developing world of osteopathy, and we will assist you in this matter.

Tamara I. Kravchenko, the RSOM rector

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