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Achievements and development prospects

Thanks to active educational, practical and scientific activity of the school, methodical recommendations were developed for doctors – «Osteopathy» (basis is materials of candidate thesis work of T. I. Kravchenko), that allowed to approve the osteopathic treatment methods by the RF Ministry of Health in 2003.

Activity of the school and its staff was awarded by the Government of the Russian federation, RF Ministry of education and RF Ministry of Health.

It is remarkable that Russian Higher School of Osteopathic medicine was the first to get license in Russian education system on osteopathy to carry out the educational activities in 1996. In 1999, RHSOM got the next license and in 2002 – license with the further accreditation in RF Ministry of education.

This is the first in Russia Higher school passed through the licensing and accreditation in osteopathic education.
In 2007, the School was repeatedly accredited and got the next license.

In 2004, Russian Higher School of Osteopathic medicine for its 10-year anniversary got telegram from the RF government with congratulations and acknowledgement of the school merits in development of country health care and education, the school was awarded by the RF Ministry of health  with Honorable letter for significant contribution of RHSOM into promotion of traditional methods of treatment, and the following instructors were awarded with Honorable letters: L. P. Andreeva, T. I. Kravchenko, A. T. Rybnikova, M. A. Kuznetsova, S. L. Sabinin, N. M. Kharitonova.

Rector RHSOM, T. I.Kravchenko was awarded in 2004 with a badge “Best in Healthcare” for large contribution into development of domestic healthcare.

Russian Higher School of Osteopathic medicine is an official representative in European Feredation of Osteopaths (Brussels) from Russia.

Throughout its activities, RHSOM is an organizer of 11 international symposiums on fundamentals of osteopathy and creation of international osteopathic scientific council 2004.

In 2007, the school formed its own scientific-research laboratory, equipped with modern equipment for researches. RHSOM cooperates with scientists of Saint-Petersburg state medical university named acad. I. P. Pavlov, institute named M. I. Sechenov, federal state enterprise “Training-scientific center” of Administration department of RF President on programs of scientific researches in osteopathy area, with Montreal school of osteopathy (Canada), with Children osteopathic center San-Diego (USA), as well as with French doctors of osteopathy P.Shoffur,  J.-P.Barrel and Rene Brian.

Plan of scientific researches is developed for the next five years (2017 – 2022).

Topics of three doctorate and four candidate thesis works are defined.

Agreements on intentions are signed with Montreal school of osteopathy on joint scientific researches as well as with School of Mechanical osteopathic bond (France), there themes of scientific researches are given, terms and financing of projects are defined.

In 27.06. 2012, contract on cooperation is signed with Israel school of osteopathy.

In 2014, multi-volume textbook “Osteopathy” is published for students of medical institutes. In January, I volume of the textbook was published in 2 parts, where fundamentals of osteopathy, cranial osteopathy and applied osteopathy on maieutics and neonatalogy were given. III volume of the textbook “Osteopathy” was published. Presently, materials are in development to publish II  volume of  “Osteopathy” textbook. The book may be intended not just to students of medical institutes  but this can be used by doctors who study osteopathy, clinical attending physicians as well as may be the guidance source for instructors of osteopathy in medical institutes.
As a prospect, – active development of scientific research for slow fluctuations of brain, their explanation and value.
We invite to cooperate scientists, osteopathy doctors as well as students of osteopathic schools both Russian and forein, in scientific researches.

In 2014, scientific-research center “Fundamental osteopathy” was formed on the basis of RHSOM
In 2016, doctorate thesis work was given to rector RHSOM on theme «Technologies of diagnostics and medical rehabilitation of patients with post-traumatic neurological syndromes»

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