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Diploma seminars


July 2017 г
CityDateSeminar TopicProfessorSign-in
Moscow01.07-02.07Syndrome of a closed body. Level VI.S.K. Stenkin(Russia)SignIn
September 2017 г
CityDateSeminar TopicProfessorSign-in
Moscow14.09-16.09«Mechanical osteopathic link»E. Pratt (France)SignIn
Krasnodar15.09-18.09«Biodynamics»L.V. Kolyunova (Russia)SignIn
29.09-01.10«Osteopathic approach to pereferal neural system»V.V. Peregudova (Russia)SignIn
October 2017 г
CityDateSeminar TopicProfessorSign-in
Moscow7.10-08.10«Syndrome of a closed body»
Level I
S.K. Stenkin(Russia)SignIn
Moscow21.10-22.10«Scoliosis. Deformation of lower limbs for children»L.V. Alexandrov (Russia)SignIn
St.Petersburg20.10-23.10«Movements and Lifeforce in therapeutic process”F. Druel (Canada)SignIn
26.10-29.10«Biodynamic aspects of osteopathy». Level VL.V. Kolyunova (Russia)SignIn
30.10-3.11“Functional neurology: neuroreceptor diagnostic and therapy in osteopathy”H. Palomar (Mexico)SignIn
November 2017 г
CityDateSeminar TopicProfessorSign-in
Moscow10.11-12.11«Osteopathic approach to pereferal neural system»V.V. Peregudova (Russia)SignIn
Krasnodar17.11-19.11«Infertility»T.A. Rodionova (Russia)SignIn
December 2017 г
CityDateSeminar TopicProfessorSign-in
Moscow04.12-06.12«Mechanical osteopathic link» Level IIO. Dusser (France)SignIn
07.12-10.12«Biodynamic aspects of osteopathy».
Level III
L.V. Kolyunova (Russia)SignIn
St.Petersburg16.12-19.12BiodynamicsR. Briyan (France)SignIn
Krasnodar01.12-03.12«Osteopathic approach to central neural system»V.V. Peregudova (Russia)SignIn
January 2018 г
CityDateSeminar TopicProfessorSign-in
Moscow20.01-21.01«Syndrome of a closed body»
Level II
S.K.Stenkin (Russia)SignIn
Krasnodar27.01-28.01«Scoliosis. Deformation of lower limbs for children»L.V. Alexandrov (Russia)SignIn
February 2018 г
CityDateSeminar TopicProfessorSign-in
Moscow26.02-27.02«Syndrome of a closed body»
Level III
S.K.Stenkin (Russia)SignIn
Krasnodar02.02-04.02«Osteopathic approach to heart-vascular system»V.V. Peregudova (Russia)SignIn
March 2018 г
CityDateSeminar TopicProfessorSign-in
Moscow02.03-04.03«Osteopathic approach to pereferal and central neural system»V.V. Peregudova (Russia)SignIn
St.Petersburg30.03-01.04«Osteopathic supervision of pregnant and newborns»S. Sandler (Great Britain)SignIn
April 2018 г
CityDateSeminar TopicProfessorSign-in
Moscow31.03-01.04«Syndrome of a closed body»
Level IV
S.K.Stenkin (Russia)SignIn
Krasnodar13.04-16.04«Biodynamics»L.V. Kolyunova (Russia)SignIn
May 2018 г
CityDateSeminar TopicProfessorSign-in
Moscow03.05-05.05«Mechanical osteopathic link» Level IIIP.Ashery (France)SignIn

«Osteopathic correction of a heart-vascular system»

V.V. Peregudova (Russia)SignIn
19.05-20.05«Syndrome of a closed body»
Level V
S.K.Stenkin (Russia)SignIn
June 2018 г
CityDateSeminar TopicProfessorSign-in
Moscow07.06-10.06«Biodynamical aspects of osteopathy».
Level IV 
L.V. Kolyunova (Russia)SignIn
St.Petersburg23.06-26.06Osteopathy in pediatrixDenis Dufrane (Canada)SignIn
July 2018 г
CityDateSeminar TopicProfessorSign-in
Moscow19.05-20.05«Syndrome of a closed body»
Level VI 
S.K.Stenkin (Russia)SignIn

Семинар: Биодинамический аспект остеопатической науки

«Biodynamical aspect of osteopathic science» Held by speciallist from France — R.Briyan.

«Mechanical osteopathic link» Held by speciallists from France (School of P. Shoffur).

«Movement of Lifeforce in therapeutic process» –  F.Druel (Canada).

«Functional neurology: neuroreceptor diagnostic and therapy in osteopathy». Seminars are held by: H.Palomar (Mexico), M.Svet (Switzerland)
«Osteopathic approach to pereferal and central neural system» – V.V. Peregulova (Russia)

Семинар: «Мышечные цепи»

«Muscle Chains» – S.L. Sabinin (Russia).

«Syndrome of a closed body» – S.K. Stenkin (Russia).

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