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Documents issued to Graduates

All the doctors who want to study osteopathy are interested with legal status of osteopath, i.e. legalization of work. Documents, issued by the School, are accepted to licensing at the entire territory of Russia and abroad.

The following documents are issued to graduates upon the completion of training, in conformity with programs of professional re-training:

1s 1.1s

1. Diploma of assigned form on professional re-training on osteopathy and manual therapy.

2.1s 2s

2. Certificate of osteopath-doctor, as well as manual therapist of assigned form

Доктор остеопатии
3. “Doctor of Osteopaty” Diploma, signed by the members of international board in English language

4s 4.1small

4. Certificate of assigned form on re-training on osteopathy and manual therapy and medical massage.

Диплом Монреальской школы

5. Diploma of Montreal School of osteopathic education (Canada) (it is issued if diploma qualification at Montreal school of osteopathy.



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