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History of School

History of foundation and development of RUSSIAN HIGHER SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE (RHSOM)

3Osteopathy commenced its developments in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It is remarkable that best osteopathy doctors, such as V. Frymann (USA) and F. Peylarad were involved into the first steps.

Namely Viola Frymann held the first seminar on osteopathy in Pushkin in 1991.

In 1992, T. I. Kravchenko, osteopathy doctor, opened the first Children  osteopathy center (COC-center) with assistance of the children osteopathic center San-Diego (USA), headed by osteopathy doctor V. Frymann.

In 1993, trip of doctors to COC-center was conducted for internship on osteopathy for curing of kids with heavy consequences of birth injuries. By this, cooperation of Saint-Petersburg osteopaths (Russia) and San-Diego (USA)  has started.

On 31 January 1994, the first Russian Higher School of Osteopathic Medicine (RHSOM) was created by osteopathy doctor Tamara I. Kravchenko in Saint-Petersburg with the support of the Russian Federation Academy of medical-technical sciences based on the Children Osteopathic Center.

Primary goal of  RHSOM is training of Russian instructors on osteopathy carried out by the professors from the French Higher School of osteopathy, and in 1997 the first batch of osteopathy doctors graduated the school.

41995 – RHSOM has signed a long-term contract on scientific cooperation with Institute of evolutional physiology and biochemistry named I. M. Sechenov (RAN) and SPbSMU named acad. I. P. Pavlov.

1996 – RHSOM got a state license with the right to perform educational activities in the field of additional professional training.

1997 – Russian Osteopathic Association and Register of osteopathy doctors were formed in Saint-Petersburg as per RHSOM initiative.

1998 – anatomy museum was opened at RHSOM. Founder of the museum is L. G. Pestelev, an RHSOM instructor, CMS.

1998 – the first International Symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” was held where scientists and osteopathy doctors from the UK, USA, France and Russia took their part.

2000 – the second International Symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” was held.

2002 – RHSOM is accredited with the Ministry of higher education RF. Same year, RHSOM signed a long-term contract with cooperation with Training-scientific center of the Administrative department of the RF President, Moscow. The third International Symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” was held.

Certificate on state accreditation dated 2002



2003 – on 27 October, osteopathic treatment method is officially approved by RF Ministry of Health based on methodical recommendations for doctors, developed by RHSOM administration with participation of MAPO, Saint-Petersburg and Institute of traditional treatment methods of RF Ministry of Health. Basis of the methodical recommendations is candidate thesis work of T. I. Kravchenko.

2003 – permanent elective course “Osteopathy in curing practice” for students of SPbSMU named acad. I. P. Pavlov is open.

2004 – the school celebrated its 10th anniversary. Just before the date, the next batch of osteopathy doctors have graduated the school and the first batch was issued for the students of the Moscow school. Officials of RF Ministry of Health, RF Ministry of Education and other authorities participated in the anniversary event.

2005 – the fourth International Symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” was held.

72007 – 13 instructors RHSOM were certified by the international commission at Montreal school of osteopathy (Canada) and gained the status of international level instructor.

2007 – in June, the fifth International Symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” was held. The school celebrated the graduates of the 10th anniversary year.

2007 – in December, RHSOM got the next accreditation of the Education Department, Moscow.

2008 – first 20 osteopathy doctors,  RHSOM graduates received International certificates, confirming the right to work with pregnant women and newborn babies, after getting 2-year training course with specialists from France and USA.

2009 – 31 January the School celebrated 15-th anniversary and the sixth International Symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” was dedicated to this event.

 2010 – the seventh International Symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” was held. Starting from 2011, best students get stipendium named A. T. Still.

2012 – the eighth International Symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” was successful held.  Before the Symposium, graduation of the next batch was carried out in Russian Higher School of osteopathic medicine.
2013 – graduation of the first batch was carried out for students of the biodynamic training course. Course professor – Rene Brian (France).

2014 – IX International Symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” was held, dedicated to 20th anniversary of RHSOM foundation anniversary. Before the anniversary, textbook “Osteopathy” I volume on fundamentals of osteopathy and cranial osteopathy was published and its authors are instructors of the Russian Higher School of osteopathic medicine. 
Scientific-research center “Fundamental osteopathy” was opened, head of the Center is Yu. Ye. Moskalenko, pro-rector on scientific works at RHSOM.

2015 – textbook “Osteopathy” II volume on visceral osteopathy was published and its authors are instructors of the School. 

2016 – RHSOM held in June 2015 X International Symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” , dedicated to memory of V. Frymann, USA osteopathy doctor, the symposium took place in Canada. Organizer of the Symposium was Montreal School of osteopathic education. Reports of the Russian School instructors Yu. Ye. Moskalenko, I. A. Vartanyan, T. I. Kravchenko and Zh. Ye. Fisher and V. Ye. Zavodov, graduates 2014 were presented. The reports gained a significant response from the Symposium participants. Textbook “osteopathy” volume II on structural osteopathy is prepared for publishing. 

2017 – the next International Symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” will be held. Specialists and scientists from 6 countries (Israel, Canada, Mexico, Russia, France, Switzerland) participate in the Symposium.

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