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International cooperation

RHSOM international cooperation includes a series of directions:

Povision a high-quality of study process by inviting the leading instructors for some areas from osteopathic schools of different countries. So, very effective was invitation of dr. Viola Frymann (USA) – widely known specialist of kids’  osteopathy and excellent teacher and Dr. Druel (Canada), head of osteopathic schools in Canada and Germany who, besides the study seminars, makes a special training for the school instructors to improve their qualification. The same area is regular and routine post-graduate seminars, their goal is to improve qualification of the active and practicing osteopathy doctors.

In December 2006, T. I. Kravchenko, President of the osteopathy Association, made a report at assembly of European Federation of osteopaths in Brussels with a speech “on development of osteopathy in Russia: legal status, education and scientific researches”.

Coordination and guidance in conducting the joint scientific researches RHSOM jointly with foreign scientific centers. In this direction, success is regular carrying out of joint scientific researches with foreign specialists (headed by prof. Yu.Ye. Moskalenko) by institute of evolutionary physiology and biochemistry named. Sechenov by using a unique device set, made in laboratory jointly with RHSOM. Effective are the reseaches carried out by Dr. F. Druel (Canada), P. Shoffur, E. Prat (France), V. Fraiman (USA).

Presently, the researches are carried out in scientific-research center “Fundamental Osteopathy” at RHSOM in 2011.

Conducting the International scientific symposiums.

Since 1997, RHSOM regularly conducts every two years, International Symposiums on fundamental basics of osteopathic medicine, where the leading specialists from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Austria etc. participate.
To increase the role of international cooperation for development of osteopathic medicine and spreading the data on this medical treatment direction, the School was an initiator in creation the International Science Council that comprised representatives of the USA, France, Canada and Russia.

On 31 Jan 2014, IX International Symposium was conducted and it was dedicated to 20 year anniversary of  RHSOM.
In June 2016, RHSOM participated in international osteopathic congress in Montreal. 4 scientific reports were presented that gained a significant response among the congress participants. T. I. Kravchenko conducted author seminar on osteopathic approach in pediatry. 
25.06 to 29.06 2017 – the next XI International symposium “Fundamentals of osteopathy” will be held.

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