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RHSOM has professors with a huge experience both in teaching and medical practice. 7 persons out of professors and instructors have academic degrees. 

In 2002, RHSOM signed Agreement on cooperation with Montreal school of osteopathy (Canada, director – F. Druel). This includes experience exchange and student exchange programs.

To improve the teaching efficiency, anatomy museum is in operation since 1998, created by L. G. Pesterev. It contains more than 100 anatomic samples (dry and wet), the collection is continuously increased.

The facilities of the school include: library, video- and audio-storage where students may study on their own between seminars they are visiting. On completion of every study year, summary certification is carried out. After the third year of training, besides the exams on osteopathic methods and clinical exam, diploma work is asserted to assign the degree “Doctor of osteopathy”.

Presently, studying syllabus is standardized on osteopathy of two schools – Russian and Canadian. This is the achievement of the heads of the respective schools: T. I. Kravchenko and F. Druel. Instructors of RHSOM have a right to teach and take exams at Montreal school of osteopathy, Canadian instructors – at Russian Higher School of Osteopathic Medicine.

As a result of professor exchange and standardization, students of two schools have possibility to get two diploma for osteopathy doctor: Russian and Canadian.

Кравченко Тамара Ивановна: преподаватель по краниальной остеопатии

Kravchenko Tamara Ivanovna, doctor of medical sciences, neurologist.
Degree for doctor of osteopathy

After graduation the French Higher school of osteopathy.

In1994, she organized the first Russian Higher School of Osteopathic Medicine (RHSOM) in Saint-Petersburg, Russia with support of Academy of medical-technical sciences.

In 1992, she opened the first osteopathic center in Russia, and RHSOM was created on its basis.

In 1997, T. I. Kravchenko was awarded as “Woman of Year” by the American Biographic Society.

In 2000, she was elected as a corresponding-member in the commission of legalization of osteopathy at European Parliament from the European Federation of Osteopaths where she represented Russia.

In 2001, received candidate degree on osteopathic treatment of brain injury consequences with ICH syndrome.

Results of her scientific work are the basis for development of methodic recommendations for osteopathic doctors, and on 27 October 2003, these recommendations were officially approved by RF Ministry of Health: “Osteopathic method of treatment is accepted as efficient and prospective   both in view of treatment and prevention of illnesses».  

In 2004, T. I. Kravchenko was awarded with a badge “Best person of healthcare” by the Order of RF Minister of Health.

In 2006 she became an international level instructor. In 2016 she got a doctorate degree. The person has more than 70 publications in researches on osteopathy, including two monographs, she is an author of Osteopathy volume I textbook.

Вартанян Инна Арамаисовна. Преподаватель по нейрофизиологии

Vartanyan Inna Aramaisovna

Instructor on neurophysiology at RHSOM.
professor, doctor of biological sciences, candidate of medical sciences, leading international-level specialist in the area of neurophysiology and psychophysiology of sensor systems and speech. Author for more than 300 publications in Russian and foreign scientific editions, among them 12 textbooks and manuals. She is the head of scientific program of the School: “Research of sensor systems, in particular tactile sensibility with students of osteopathy”. Instructor for 20 years

Колюнова Лидия Валерьевна

Kolyunova Lidiya Valerievna

Instructor on cranial osteopathy.

In 1972 entered I Leningrad medical institute named acad. I. P. Pavlov to treatment faculty, gained profession “treatment”. 1978 to 1980 studied at clinical traineeship at department of hospital therapy as – pulmonologist .
Awarded with a medal “300 year anniversary of Saint-Petersburg»
1998 to 2002 studied at RHSOM, specialized in neurology.
Since 2003 – instructor of RHSOM cranial cycle. In 2003 – 2006 had study at cycles of Montreal school of osteopathy with getting the international level osteopathy instructor, as well as after-diploma seminars P. Shoffrua, F, Alar, F. Druel, P. Barral, R. Brian etc. Presently, head of cycle on cranial osteopathy. Leads the post-diploma seminars on biodynamics.

Москаленко Юрий Евгеньевич, доктор биологических наук

Moskalenko Yury Yevgenievich

RHSOM science pro-rector

Doctor of biological sciences, professor, habil. Scientist RF, corresponding-member RAEN, acad. of International Academy of astronautics, honorable doctor of osteopathy (Canada). Leads the laboratory of comparative physiology of brain blood circulation FGBUN Institute of evolutionary physiology and biochemistry named I. M. Sechenov RAN. Author for more than 250 works, including 5 monographs. Widely known in researches for blood circulation of brain and in the field of fundamental osteopathy. Head of School scientific program on researches of primary breathing mechanism and reads lectures on physiology  of brain blood circulation and slow wave activity of brain and statistics.

Petrischev Nikolay Nikolaevich

Instructor on physiology and pathophysiology at   RHSOM. 
В 1961 graduated I Leningrad medical institute named acad. I. P. Pavlov, treatment I faculty. Habil. Scientist RF. Professor in department of pathological physiology in SPbSMU named acad. I. P. Pavlov.
Main area of scientific researches – pathophysiology of hemostasis system and microcirculation. Has numerous publications in various scientific editions. Instructor for 52 years.

Podramenskaya Anna Dmitrievna

Instructor on visceral osteopathy.

In 1995 she graduated Paediatric Medical Academy. Upon completion, has study in internship and clinical traineeship on neonatology. Doctor practice started in Leningrad Oblast Clinical Hospital as pediatrician-neonatologist, worked at ICU and newborn nursing.
In her work as pediatrician-neonatologist, she searched for the ways of effective assistance to kids, having perinatal deprivation of CNS and deviations in tempo development. Search for effective methods of therapy and own experience as a mother led to Russian Higher school of osteopathy medicine. She graduated in 2009. Diploma work was “Osteopathic correction of kids with ploco-valgus deformation of feet”. Implementation the art and philosophy of osteopathy gave answers to many practical issues, she got opportunities to get better results in treatment of patients. Upon completion of osteopathic school, she continued the self-improvement in getting osteopathy at after-diploma seminars. Since 2010, started teaching at RHSOM as assistant and then instructor on visceral osteopathy.

Skoromets Alexander Anisimovich

Instructor on neurology  
In 1960, graduated I Leningrad medical institute named acad. I. P. Pavlov, faculty “Treatment”.
RAMN academician, DMS, professor, habil. scientist RF, awarded with State Award of Moldova, dep. Department of neurology and neurosurgery SPbSMU named acad. I. P. Pavlovfrom 1975.
Scientific interests are experimental and clinical neurology and neurosurgery
Has 850 publications of scientific works, including 30 monographs, textbooks and manuals. He is the head of scientific works in research of hemospinal fluid dynamics at  RHSOM.
Instructor for 41 years.

Stenkin Sergey Klimovich.

Instructor on structural osteopathy.

In 1996, graduated Saint-Petersburg pediatric academy, 1996 to 1998 – clinical traineeship at department of rehabilitation. In 2005 graduated Russian Higher School of osteopathic medicine. Developed a method of osteopathic treatment of patients with closed body syndrome. Conducts post-diploma seminars on the topic.

Shmyrev Vladimir Ivanovich

Instructor on neurology

Doctor of medical sciences, professor, dep. department of neurology of Federal State budget enterprise (FSBE) “Study-scientific medical center” “Administration department of RF President”. Habil. RF doctor, scientific head of Federal State medical enterprise (FSME) “Central clinical hospital with polyclinic”, chief specialist on neurology MMD (main medical department) AD RF President. Instructor on neurology at RHSOM.
Scientific head of programs for research of brain blood circulation at hypertensive disease.


Bodychov Mikhail Konstantinovich

Candidate of medical science.
Instructor on structural osteopathy

In 1999, graduated Russian State Medical University named Ni. I. Pirogov, “Treatment”. Studied as postgraduate for “Neurology”. Got candidate work “Oxygen status and oxidant stress in cute period of ischemic stroke in carotid system”.
More than 10 years – doctor of neuro critical care departments at GKB No. 20 and GKB No. 31, Moscow. In 2008 got training on “anesthesiology and critical care” at department of anesthesiology and critical care FPPOV MMA named I. M. Sechenov. Since 2005 works at department of fundamental and clinical neurology and neurosurgery of Russian national research medical university named Ni. I. Pirogov (ex-RGMU), assistant professor of department
In 2008-2012 studied at Russian Higher school of osteopathic medicine. Since 2010 teaching – neurology at RHSOM and since 2012 – osteopathy. He continues systematic osteopathic education at school Paul Shoffur “Mechanical osteopathic bond”.
Author for more than 40 works.
Instructor for 11 years.

Voronina Irina Alexandrovna

Candidate of medical science.

Instructor on cranial osteopathy. In 19887, graduated with honor University for Friendship of Peoples named P. Lumumba, “treatment”. Simultaneously got a state diploma of translator ( Spanish-Russian). 1987 to 1989 – clinical attending physician of nervous diseases with course of neurosurgery and medical genetics at University for Friendship of Peoples named P. Lumumba. In 1991 at Institute of neurosurgery named N. N. Burdenko – made a candidate thesis work on “Clinics of early post-surgery period for patients with midbrain tumors”. Since 1992 to present – works at Institute of neurosurgery named N. N. Burdenko as a chief scientific specialist, having highest degree in profession “Neurology” and specialist certificates in professions “Manual therapy” and “Functional diagnostics”.
Has 139 published works, 4 patents, 6 certificates of state registration of PC programs.


Karpova Valentina Igorevna

Instructor of cranial course on osteopathy.

In 2007 graduated with honor pediatric faculty of the Russian Sate Medical University (RSMU). Had a course in clinical traineeship at the department of neurology and neurosurgery of RSMU pediatric faculty. Has 9-year experience of work in ambulance. She is he author for a number of scientific works, author of monograph “Epilepsy”. 2008 to 2012 studied at Russian Higher School of Osteopathic Medicine (RHSOM). Presently, besides medical practice, she takes a position as deputy editor “Russian journal of children neurology” and she is a pro-rector on education department at the Russian Higher school of osteopathic medicine in Moscow.
In June 2013, got a diploma at Montreal school of osteopathic education (Canada) with topic: “Osteopathic curing of posseting in the structure of CNS perinatal affect with hypoxic-ischemic genesis with the kids up to one year”, getting the diploma of Montreal school of osteopathy (Canada).


Rodionova Tamara Anatolievna

Head of cycle “Maieutics and neonatology”

Graduated Moscow Medical Institute Dentist Institute in 1977, treatment faculty.
1984 to 1988 took clinical traineeship on maieutics and gynecology. Doctor of the highest degree.
In 2007, graduated Russian Higher School of osteopathic medicine, diploma with honor. Improves qualification at post-graduate seminars J-P Barrel (France), F. Druel (Canada), R. Brian (Canada) etc.
performs post-graduate seminars with topic: “Maieutics and neonatology”.
Instructor on cranial, visceral osteopathy, as well as maieutics at RHSOM.


Malashenkova Nadezhda Vladimirovna.

Instructor on visceral osteopathy.

In 2003, graduated treatment faculty of the Russian State Medical Institute, Sochi. 2003 to 2005  – clinical traineeship of the Training medical center of Administration department of RF President at department of family medicine. Worked as therapist in therapeutic department of in-patient clinic, in gerontologist department of polyclinic No.3 AD of RF President. 2008 to 2012 studied at the Russian Higher School of Osteopathic Medicine. Since 2014, instructor on visceral osteopathy at  RHSOM


Mescheryakova Irina Mikhailovna.

Instructor on visceral osteopathy at Russian Higher School of Osteopathic Medicine since 2007. GraduatedII Moscow Medical Institute named N. I. Pirogov in 1980 as a pediatrician. 12 years of experience as a district periatrician in kid’s polyclinic. Since 1991 –he is involved with alternative curing methods (electric puncture diagnostics, homeopathy). Graduated RHSOM in 2005. Continuously improves her professional level. Graduated Giliami School “Energy osteopathy” in 2016.

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