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книга: остеопатия
The given textbook is the first in Russia original study material in the area of osteopathic medicine. The textbook is developed and issued by the Russian Higher School of Osteopathic medicine just before its 20-year anniversary. To make the book, authors needed a vast experience in osteopathy both as teaching plus practicing and in the field of fundamental research.
Actuality for appearance of textbook «Osteopathy» is caused by the fact that on 13 September 2013, order of RF Ministry of education and science issued an Order, where «Osteopathy» was mentioned in the list of professions (code 31.08.52)

Methodical manuals

Hip joint. SPb.,2004. 
Author: S. L. Sabinin, DO(Russia)
Spine upper-neck section. SPb.,2004. 
Author: S. L. Sabinin, DO(Russia)
Spine lower-neck section. SPb.,2004. 
Author: S. L. Sabinin, DO(Russia) 
Knee joint. SPb.,2004. 
Author: O. V. Prikhodko., DO(Russia) 
Upper limb.
Author: O. V. Prikhodko, DO(Russia) 
Temporalmaxillotemporal joint. 
Authors: S. L. Komarevtsev, DO; A. T. Rybnikova, DO (Russia) 
Facial cranium. 
Author: M. A. Kuznetsova, DO (Russia) 
Liver. Anatomy, physiology. Osteopathic treatment. 
Author: L. P. Andreeva, DO(Russia) 
Uterus and its adnexa. Anatomophysiological features. Osteopathic correction. 
Author: V. V. Peregudova, DO (Russia) 
Osteopathic concept of diagnostics and treatment in pediatry. 
Author: N. M. Kharitonova, DO (Russia) 

Cranial osteopathy Manual for doctors, Saint-Petersburg, 2004  
Authors: T. I. Kravchenko, M. A. Kuznetsova. 

Annotated compilation of selected publications 1996-2005. Development of fundamental basis of osteopathic medicine in Russia. 
Compilers of the book: T. I. Kravchenko, G. B. Vainstein 
Associate editor: Yu.Ye. Moskalenko 
The compilation contains 48 articles in Russian, English, German and French

Methods of cranium-sacred manual therapy (osteopathy) in diagnostics and treatment of patient with post-trauma intracranial hypertension. 
Author: A. A. Skoromets, DMS, professor; T. I. Kravchenko, CMS, DO and others. (Russia).
Developing organizations: Saint-Petersburg State medical university named acad. I. P. Pavlov, Russian Higher School of Osteopathic medicine. 

«Osteopathy» Methodical recommendations for doctors. 
Developing organizations: 
Federal clinical-scientific center of traditional methods of diagnostics and treatment of RF ministry of Health, Saint-Petersburg academy of post-graduate education, Russian Higher School of Osteopathic medicine (RHSOM, Saint-Petersburg ). 

Fundamental basics of cranial ostheopathy. 
Authors: Yu. Ye. Moskalenko, T. I. Kravchenko and others. 

I volume of “Osteopathy” textbook for medical institutes on cranial osteopathy 2014. 
Authors: T. I. Kravchenko, CMS, DO, Yu. Ye. Moskalenko, professor, DBS, I. A. Vartanyan, professor, DBS, M. A. Kuznetsova, DO, L. G. Pesterev, CMS, T. A. Rodionova, DO(Russia).

Journal «Osteopathy» No.  9, dedicated to 20-year anniversary of. Founder: RHSOM

III volume of textbook is issued for medical institutes “Osteopathy” in 2015, on visceral osteopathy, Authors: Ye. A. Zavorotniy, N. N. Petrischev, A. D. Podramenskaya

In development for publishing: 
issue of II volume of textbook for medical institutes “Osteopathy” in September 2014.



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