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Scientific activities of the school

Presently, the School makes scientific researches via all three directions provided with the Law on education RF:

  1. Fundamental
  2. Applied
  3. Developments

Scientific researches are carried out by the School jointly with Institute named I. M. Sechenov: (Yu.Ye. Moskalenko, I. A. Vartanyan), as well as with Saint-Petersburg State Medical Institute named acad. I. P. Pavlov,  with department of neurology (department head A. A. Skoromets, DMS, professor, RAN academician), with department of pathophysiology (head of department N. N. Petrischev, DMS, professor).

The school performs scheduled researches on tactile sensibility of students’ hands and its improvement during the 3-year course in the lab of sensor systems, headed by professor I. A. Vartanyan. In some cases, results of these changes exceed all the expectations of person under the testing.

Scheduled researches are carried out with primary breathing mechanism (PBM) with the laboratory of brain blood circulation, headed by professor Yu. Ye. Moskalenko. As per the lab data, a monograph and a series or articles were published in Russian and foreign scientific editions. The articles are published in American Osteopathic Association Journal, new interpretations are given to concepts of U. T. Sutherland on PBM from the point of view of contemporary scientific positions. So, Russia nowadays is the leader in international researches on the primary breathing mechanism.

In RHSOM, instructors and students of the Moscow osteopathy school carry out researches that in future are the basis for carrying out of candidate and doctorate thesis works.

In 2016, doctorate thesis work was successfully made with topic: “Technologies on diagnostics and medical rehabilitation of patients with post-trauma neurological syndromes” by the T. I. Kravchenko, RHSOM rector.

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